Product Description

The book, One More Mountain, is a must read for anyone who thinks that life has given them challenges that they cannot overcome.   The book tells the story of Joseph A. Prejean, who was born into a large family, was raised in poverty as a foster child, was working from the age of five years old, and who survived unbelievable circumstances to become the successful business man that he is today.

One More Mountain is “the little book with the big story.”  It is a personal memoir that is inspiring, is encouraging and will show you that a strong will and determination can change the worst circumstances into the best platform in life.   The book features pictures of some of the places where Joseph A. Prejean lived and worked as a child and as a man.  He was told by many (including teachers) that he would “never be nothing.”    Joseph who was once considered a zero is now a hero to his family, friends, community, and to all who has come to know him and to learn from him.   You will walk away from reading this book realizing that against all odds there is a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel of the many twists and turns of life.   The book will give you the boost that you need to climb the mountain in your life and the motivation to keep climbing until you reach the top.