About Joseph Prejean

If there were two words that could sum up Joseph “Big Poppa” Prejean it would be “real and relatable”. While resting on these two core values as a dynamic communicator, Joseph Prejean is able to impact a wide range of individuals. As Joe puts it himself, “In reality the only thing that differentiates the offender and the executive is outlook, attitude, and opportunity.” Joseph Prejean truly believes that greatness lies within you waiting to be tapped into and awakened. While roadblocks are inevitable, Joseph Prejean specializes in showing individuals and corporations the “DETOUR” sign to transition from mediocrity to maximizing their full potentials.  Joe grew up in the foster care system in a crowded home, where motivation and hope was hard to find.  Joseph knew his only chance to make it out and succeed was to dedicate himself to working hard, every day of his life. Today, Joseph Prejean can proudly look back at his life and see his success in overcoming his childhood, two years in prison, and other brokenness. As a successful businessman himself, Joe is devoted to sharing his message of hard work and perseverance with others in need.  Everyone has great dreams, and Joseph truly believes, “Your dreams do not end when you wake up.” With lessons learned from Joe’s speaking, you can follow those dreams and make them your new reality.


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