The book, One More Mountain, is a must read for anyone who thinks that life has given them challenges that they cannot overcome.   The book tells the story of Joseph A. Prejean, who was born into a large family, was raised in poverty as a foster child, was working from the age of five years old, and who survived unbelievable circumstances to become the successful business man that he is today.

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Joe has the real-life experience to relate to and impact a wide audience. His story will touch you, and his powerful speaking will move you to take action in your life. “Your dreams do not end when you wake up.” You have everything you need to make your greatest dreams happen right inside of you, and Joseph Prejean’s personal story of triumph and hard work will inspire you to put your best foot forward. You can view what others have said about his powerful speaking, as well as see some of the venus Joe has spoken at.

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Joe has the rare gift that allows him to relate to anyone, in all walks of life. This unique skill makes Joe undeniably impactful. Whether you have a conference room of business men, an auditorium of grade school students, a stadium for college orientation, or any other possible event, Joe has a message that applies. His work ethic and ability to overcome obstacles is guaranteed to inspire everyone. Book Joseph today for you next event.

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“The realistic approach of Mr. Prejean’s message reaches your core. His story and references are exactly what people need to mentally reset and change the approach to any negative situation. During his presentation at Cox Communications, the impact he had on our viewpoints of stress and the general sales process hit the nail on the head. Mr. Prejean gave a stripped down, real life approach on handling the kickback of the day to day grind. He simply hit our reset button!”
Brandon Rochon, Cox Communications
“…Joe is a very sought after speaker because he’s entertaining and he pushes people to see the greatness in themselves, thru sharing his life’s struggles and successes. A lot of people motivationally speak, even teach, but very few “witness” with such inspiration as Joe “Big Poppa” Prejean! His gifts of sensitivity and compassion, are revealed in his love of helping people change for the better, thru insight into their own strength. His DETOUR message incorporates superb techniques for personal growth and success.”
Hon. Fred Mills, Louisiana State Representative
“…his presentation and delivery was dynamic and inspiring, the content was meaningful, full of real life lessons that you could take with you and the message was rich with life changing principles. His props bring his testimony realism, thru his life’s struggles, in a humorous and dramatic way. ”
Rev. Fr. Chester Arceneaux Pastor, St. John Cathedral
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